So I built a little Chrome Extension. I call it Ochs*. It works with one web site, The New York Times. For now it doesn’t do too much with the exception of:


- Removes the dreaded Left Nav bar and gives the space back to the Stories

- Clean up the Masthead, removing superflous links.

- Large column widths

- Redo the Markets module layout

- Treat the Facebook Module, and peoples recommendations as part of the page instead of a second-class citizen

- Killed most C Column modules and moved up Recommendations module

- Grid treatment of Sections with 3 Headlines

- Bump up the Lead Headline just a little

- Got rid of the Video Player and surrounding Headline list


- Cleaned up the Sub-Navigation, a little more spacing here and there.

- Removed all unnecessary C Column Modules

- Killed the Article Tools, except for the end of Article

- Removed most content from the Article Inline

Across the Site

- Removed all links, and refers to Comments (that might be controversial) except from blogs

- Enlarged MOTH (aka Inside NYTimes) and reduced it to 5 initial items

- Removed all but 1 ad from pages

- Restoration of white-space

This list is not complete. There is more, and more planned as evenings and family permit.

You may not agree with all my changes, but this is mainly driven by my own usage. However you get the idea of where I”m going with this, and if you like what you see then great.

It doesn’t cover all pages, but probably 90% of what you actually interact with on a day to day basis.

In doing this I tried to adhere to some of what we were reminded of as Times dev s- ads should not bleed into content, things like that - but mostly did what I would have loved to have done for real on the site.

I hope you like it.

You can Install it from the Chrome Web Store.